ascKendra and Carter are passionate about conservation of our environment and sharing that passion with others. We are ASC microplastics sample collectors. What this means is that we take 1 liter water samples and send them to the ASC lab in Maine for testing.

Microplastics particles, which are smaller than five millimeters in size, likely pose a massive environmental and human health risk when they enter our natural waterways. Toxins including DDT and BPA adhere to the particles, which enter the food chain when ingested by aquatic life, accumulating in birds, fish, marine mammals and potentially humans. Microplastics have several sources: They’re laundered from nylon clothing; they wash down the drain with many cosmetics and toothpastes; and they weather from debris like bottles and bags.

We started collecting samples in June of 2015.  Check out our sample locations and results.

Carter taking a water sample in the UP of Michigan.
Carter taking a water sample in the UP of Michigan.

We also support:

The Access Fund

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