Minnesota Training

I went home to visit my family in Minnesota and while there I had two venues in which to climb; the underside of my parents’ deck, and the Minnesota Climbing Coop.

A month ago my brother was at my parents’ house and, inspired by my basement set-up, he created a small training circuit on the underside of their deck.  He hung chains and drilled 4x4s in a line under the deck.  When I was there I pulled out his small crash pad and a sleeping pad and got in some training.  It took a lot of laps back and forth under the deck but I was consistently getting 22 moves of figure 4s and figures 9s before my hands gave out.

The Minnesota Climbing Coop was started this year and they have a great bouldering facility with top outs, a horizontal roof, and awesome features and setting.. Thanks to Dave Pierce they also have drytooling!!  Dave and his wife Leah met me at the Coop one night for a drytooling session that was awesome.  You have to be delicate on some of the holds that are up so it was a good training session for staying quiet on my tools and really focusing on body tension and placement.

If you live in MN or happen to be there, check out the Minnesota Climbing Coop.  Great people, great climbing, and they have skateboards to ride down the hall to the bathroom!!


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