US ice climbing competitors are governed and registered by the American Alpine Club (AAC) but at this time we do not receive any monetary support from the AAC or any other organization.

Making a donation by choosing one of the fun opportunities below will help me pay for competition and travel fees. Here’s what some of these costs typically look like.

Competition Registrations – 60 Euros * 4 = 240 Euros

Airfare to Korea and on to Europe – 1500 USD

Airfare from Europe to home – 1200 USD

Hotels – ~80 USD/night * 25 nights = 2,000 USD

Europe Travel – 2000 USD



I love sending postcards! Ever since I was a teenager I’ve sent posts cards to my friends and it’s become a traditional with a few. Donate and I will send you a postcard from one of our World Cup competitions. $20


Spend a private evening with me on my home speed structure! This unique structure is fun if you’re going slow or fast.  $50



Sponsor my registration in one of the competitions and I’ll send you a thank you video of the location and competition. Get an inside view of what happens! $80   6 available



I love ice climbing. Join me for an evening of exploring ice around the Twin Cities or a day at the Sandstone Ice Park.  $200