Camp Photon Carabiner Review

The Camp Photon  Wire Straight Gate is a great all around lightweight biner.  Almost all manufacturers offer a lightweight wiregate carabiner that hovers somewhere around the 1 oz (28.34g) mark.  Where the Photon stands apart from the other 1 oz carabiners is with gate clearance.  The Photon Wire Straight Gate has a massive 27mm gate clearance.  This makes clipping the rope a breeze!

The Photon Wire Straight Gate is a great biner for multiple purposes.  It is a fantastic biner for use on alpine draws, and for racking cams.  It would also be great on the rope side of a quickdraw, but the bent gate version of the Photon Wire might be a slightly better choice.

The Photon Wire Straight Gate is offered in 8 different colors in case you are looking for a carabiner to rack your cams on.  The Photon Wire is also offered as a bent gate which has a gate clearance of 29mm and only comes in one color which is silver.

The Bottom Line:

The Photon wire Straight Gate is a great biner for any application that you might use a wire gate carabiner for.  It especially stands out when a large gate clearance is is needed, such as ice climbing.  At $7.95 a piece, it is a great wire gate biner that won’t break the bank.

For more information and to purchase the Camp Photon, please visit the Camp USA web page.
Cost: $7.95

Weight: 29g (1.022 oz)

Major Axis: 21 kN

Minor Axis: 7 kN

Open Gate: 9 kN

Gate Opening: 28mm


Pros: Large gate clearance, Light weight, Offered in multiple colors

Cons: N/A

Competitors: Wild Country Helium, DMM Alpha Trad, Grivel Plume K3W, Black Diamond Oz, Petzl Ange L